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the Rooms

Chambre Iris Verte Pivoine Tulipe Rose Jaune
Prix € TTC 80 80 75 75 75 70

There is a charge of €15 for each supplemental bed.
Le Chalet du Bel Event has high speed connection to the Internet.   wifi.jpg
Rooms are available for arriving clients from 12:00 pm on.   
Le Grand Salon Dining Room   Sunroom
 salon.jpg  dining room

Iris Room
- The Iris is the second largest bedroom in the house. All the names of our rooms are based on names of flowers. Sunlight comes in all day since its windows face east, south, and west. The Iris has a spcaious bathroom with not only a shower but a bathtub as well.

Iris%2001.jpg  Iris%2003.JPG Iris%2002.jpg

Chambre Verte - La Verte is the largest room and is on the North-East side with nice views of the fields which circle the property.

 DSC01833%202.jpg  DSC01834%202.jpg DSC01908%202.jpg

Chambre Pivoine
- The Pivione faces east and has a lovely view of the back lawns and tennis court. Pivione is french for peony.. Like all our rooms it is equiped with WC/Shower.

Piv%2001.jpg  Piv%2002.jpg

Third Floor Rooms

Chambre Rose -
The Rose is on the third floor facing east and north, and is quite tranquil. It has a small second bed. There is an added charge of €15 for each supplemental bed.

Rose%2001.jpg  Rose%2002.jpg

the Tulipe Room - The Tulipe is on the third floor and faces east and south. Like the Iris Room it gets full sunlight most of the day. The Tulipe has a very large bathroom with tub. There is an added charge of €15 for each supplemental bed.

Tulipe%2002.jpg  Tulipe%2001.JPG Tulipe%2003.JPG

Chambre Tournesol - The Tournesol, (which is french for sunflower), faces west with a beautiful view of the main area of the park.

Jaune%2001.jpg Jaune%2002.JPG